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The first step is to draw the designs

April 9, 2015

Joanna Thomson Jewellery FilingThe first step is to draw the designs; if it is for a production piece the inspiration can come out of my head from some idea or shape that has occurred to me.  That inspiration might be a cat sitting on the sofa in a particular position or a flower from the garden or simply one of my hallmark leaves!  The wonderful flowing lines of both Art Nouveau and Celtic knots just seem to come out on the page when I pick up a pencil and start drawing. I also think about how many different ways the design can be used – that was one piece of information I gleaned in college when a manufacturing company’s designer came to talk to us.  It has stood me in very good stead!

Often a customer will come to me with an idea of their own.  This can be a fun part of the process as I translate their thoughts or simple sketches into three dimentional shapes that are both wearble and durable and, of course, beautiful!